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24 rue de Madrid
75008 Paris - FRANCE
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ACOMPTEA - Expert Accountants and Auditors

We combine accounting expertise and business development know-how

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Our dual expertise : 

We are both expert accountants and small business owners. As such, we understand your needs and can respond to all the accounting, financial, organizational, and legal issues your company may face.We offer personalized support services including accounting solutions and advice on all aspects of how to do business here in France.

To learn more about ACOMPTEA

Personalized Services

Business Setup

  • Help start up your company
  • Legal advice and follow-through
  • Foreign company investors

Control & Audit

  • Accounting Services
  • Internal Control
  • Business analysis

Business Development

  • Business optimization
  • Identify sources of funding
  • Facilitating change

Accounting and Management

  • Account management
  • Operating Reports
  • Legal compliance
Business Consulting