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Acomptea Conseil

Business consultancy and financial advisory

ACOMPTEA Conseil is a subsidiary of ACOMPTEA -  Accounting and Audit, specializing in providing business consultancy and financial advisory to managers of small and medium sized companies.

The company provides assistance during all phases of company development:

Creating new business ventures and takeovers:

  • Formalizing business plans, validating business models, preparation of documents for banks and investors and assisting in raising of capital.

Developing businesses:

  • Assisting managers in analyzing strategic options and making investment decisions for value creation.
  • Validating business models and preparation of business plans
  • Financial planning and fund raising
  • Determining action plans and providing execution assistance.

Financial difficulty and turnaround:

  • Providing financial advice at an early stage,
  • Analysis of financial difficulties and identification of causes
  • Provide advice on corrective measures and assisting management in creating development plans
  • Setting up of management reporting and controls

The company also specializes in setting up business for foreign corporations, partnerships, trusts and individuals wishing to commence operations in France. We offer a comprehensive set of services to foreign entities that rely on us to bring the necessary expertise, direction and resources to successfully create a cost effective response to their business expansion requirements.

These include:

  • Providing market information
  • Validation of Business Plans
  • Company formation and set up
  • Interim management
  • Accounting & reporting
  • Management information
  • Payroll and employee services
  • Tax declarations
  • Legal, Compliance & Auditing
  • Administrative Support 

Our longstanding relationships with banks, lawyers, real estate agents, recruitment agencies and other highly qualifies professionals, enables us to propose a complete and efficient service offering for company set up and operations.

These also include company set up, reporting and tax declarations for foreign investors in real estate for whom we endeavor to provide quality services at competitive rates.


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