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Our values


Our employees and Associates are well educated and have extensive prior experience in their area of expertise.  They are all skilled professionals and adhere to the rigorous standards set by the ACOMPTEA management.

As a recognized professional in the financial services community, our Director, Pascale ESTIVAUX, is a frequent speaker at training seminars for accountants and financial managers on a variety of accounting and finance topics. Previously employed as a lecturer on management at the University of Paris V Business School, Pascale ESTIVAUX has particular expertise in management accounting.

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To ensure transparency throughout the relationship, the nature and scope of any work to be done by us or our partners will be contractually defined in an engagement letter. Thereafter, you will be able to access our internal data system so that you can track the details of the work performed and the exact time spent on each activity.


In response to expectations articulated by our clients and their needs in a changing business environment, we have redefined the scope of our services. The result is that we remain in contact with our clients throughout the year, responding to their concerns and providing ongoing analysis and feedback.


Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations.  Accordingly, we choose our staff members carefully and train them to be aware of and responsive to clients’ expectations as well as to completion of the project they are assigned to manage. Being proactive is a priority.

To further improve client service, we have installed high-performance software and technology.  The result is twofold: enhanced communication with our clients and automation of routine tasks, an added value for our clients.

Quality service

All our employees are equipped with the latest software to carry out accounting, management, auditing and payment preparation, as well as a tickler file system to make sure that all deadlines are met.

Professional Expertise

ACOMPTEA associates with a broad spectrum of other professionals including management professionals, tax specialists, computer specialists and lawyers, as well as other accountants and auditors to respond to whatever needs your company has here in France.

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