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Business Consulting

Advice for Entrepreneurs

At ACOMPTEA we know that the services we provide must produce results if they are to make a difference in your business. We can assist you not only in creating your business and in its various stages of growth, but also during periods of crisis in order to ensure its long-term viability. We are experts in strategic planning as well as designing and implementing the management tools that companies need (budgets, operating reports, management reports, cost calculations, profitability analyses), to monitor performance and oversee development.

Are you an entrepreneur?  We can help with your business "start-up". We can advise you about the choice of legal structure, formalize your business plan, and prepare the documents you will need for banks and business partners.

This involves setting up budgets and preparing operating reports to track the budgets and transactions, and to anticipate what decisions have to be made.

We also assist you with cash-flow management and searching for sources of funding.

Once you have decided on a project, we will take care of registering your new venture with all the necessary agencies.

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