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Personnel management

Secure and upgrade the human factor in company

Monthly payroll preparation requires in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the ever-changing complexities of French employment law - and it requires absolute confidentiality. This can be a difficult and cumbersome, (but unavoidable), exercise for your administrative staff. We stand ready to provide you with comprehensive assistance to simplify preparation of your payroll. After a thorough analysis of your needs, ACOMPTEA will determine the best way to exchange information and provide required services, and  we will recommend how to optimize the interface between your company and ours. We can provide assistance in a number of possible ways:

The payroll itself, which includes: 

  • Preparation of pay slips and declaration of payroll taxes paid
  • Accounting entries for payroll
  • Formalities related to hiring employees
  • Account balances and ASSEDIC certificates

Human Resources administration:

  • Illness certificates, leave management
  • Profit-sharing calculation and distribution
  • Retirement pensions

The implementation and monitoring of employment legislation and regulations:

  • Compliance with collective bargaining and in-company agreements
  • Assistance in your business relationships with social security agencies (ASSEDIC, GARP, retirement and other benefit funds…)
  • Setting up incentive plans, pensions, disability and death benefits
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